Dikmen Carpets  (click here for more information)

For centuries, the Milas region has been famous for hand woven carpets. A distinguishing character of these carpets is the use of light/dark browns and yellow, together with pastel shades, which make for a very attractive carpet.
Within the designs, the various motif’s and symbols have local significance, including representing fertility, wealth, courage and good luck.
Although chemical dyes are available, the hand weavers continue to use vegtable dyes
Contact Hayati Dikmen and he will be able to explain in detail how the carpets are produced and explain the meanings of the motif’s and symbols.
The picture illustrates Hayati’s wife and sister in law making the finishing touches to a pair of carpets

Catch of the Day

For all your fresh fish needs. Always a large selection available.


Donmez Balik has recently added a fish in bread snack for 5tl. Seems to have a lot of customers.


Yalcinkaya Balikcilik


Gulluk is well provided with supermarkets by having eight stores dotted around the village.

Of these MIGROS is the largest and has the most comprehensive range of products, from food, butchers department, clothes, home products including televisions, computers and other electrical products but these are not necessarily the cheapest. There is in addition a MIGROS JET store.

2 MIGROS JET (Small)

There is a Kipa Express (Tesco by another name), a Carrefour Express, two SOK supermarkets, a BIM supermarket and an A101 supermarket. Quite a choice.


5 SOK (Small)
6 SOK (Small)
3 BIM (Small)

SOK, BIM and A101 offer very good value for money and stock most basic products.

MIGROS, MIGROS JET and Carrefour operate loyalty card schemes and are well worth signing up for if you want to take advantage of special offers.

In addition there are several mini-markets within the village including the Yalcinkaya Market.


There are two bakeries in the village situated in the centre.

Gift Shop

A small souvenier/gift shop which offers quality items at very affordable prices. They also speak very good English.

13 GIFT SHOP (Small)


Spoil yourself here with typical Turkish pastries and deserts. Well worth a visit.



Like the Turkish tearoom, Turkish barbers are an institution in any villagebarbers and you will find many in the village.
This one is situated in the walkway between the main square and the Dolmus terminus. Here you can get a refreshing shave or haircut.


Gulluk has bank branches for Garanti Bank and the Yapi Kredi Bank. In addition there are cash machines in the centre of the village.


The ATM machines have recently been removed from their old position to make way for the amphitheatre in front of the town hall and they can now be found down the side of the town hall.

8 ATMS (Small)

Builders merchants

There are many merchants offering what might broadly come under this heading. Amongst them are Marshall, Filli Boya and Erdal

9 FILLI BOYA (Small)

Hardware Shops

Cagri hardware shop offers household items from garden pots, teapots, coathangers etc. You name it and they probably have it. If not they can get it.

10 KAVAKLAR (Small)

Kavakler Market is slightly different stocking electric drills, screws, hoses, wheelbarrows and a range of building tools. Akeniz offers an excellent range of household equipment. All are worth a visit.

11 HARDWARE (Small)


Marin – A recent addition to the village

Celebioglu – an excellent jewellers in Milas.

Key Cutting Service

The following companies offer this facility:

Mavi Electric

Kayis Electric




Electrical Appliances

14 siemans
15 bosch

Fishing Tackle

A local leisure pastime is sea angling from the promenades and equipment can be obtained from Erbey Deniz malzemeleri

Satelite TV

Akin Elektronik – For all your satelite services including ‘Digiturk’ Tel: 0252 522 3521   GSM 05449168413

Computer Services

Akin Bilgisayar – If you cannot find them, enquire at Akin Elektronik in the centre of the village

Plumbing Services

Baron, located on the dual carriageway as you enter the centre of the village offers an excellent plumbing service which includes the fitting and servicing of solar power hot water systems.

Translation Service

Milas Tercume Burosu

Aziz Oner is an official translator licensed and recognised by notaries etc.


Post Office

The post office is situated near to Migros Supermarket. Please bare in mind that it can take up to six weeks for a card to reach places in Europe.

General Building / Maintenance